Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sephora (Vol.4) & Body Shop Haul!

Happy Saturday beauties! I just realized I haven't done any haul post this month (on the side note, I did not do any shopping lately, which is good! haha) Anyway, I got a 10 percent VIB coupon from Sephora, and I have been wanting to buy NARS blush in Exhibit A, but you know how ridiculously expensive NARS blush is -_-" so 10 percent could give a little help ;) But GUESS WHAT????? I forgot to use my 10 percent coupon!! I have paid everything, and when I was about to save my wallet into my bag, I saw the coupon was still sitting there. OMG Alexandra! So I think I am just gonna use it next time. 

Anyway that was my silly experience. You must be like "now get back to the haul Alexandra!" haha. I only got a couple of things from Sephora and one thing from Body Shop. I rarely shop at Body Shop, this was actually my second time going in there (and my second product I purchased from there, too! :p). 

So lets start with Body Shop first, since it is only one product. 

I got this Facial Massager ($8) because I heard you need to massage your face once a while or daily in order to transfer toxins on your face to your body, so that it won't give any ugly things to your face. I never go to spa in my entire life, hence I never get a facial massage done before. I have not tried it out yet and will do more research about it first, then I surely will let you know how it works or how well it works, probably sometimes next week :) 

Now move on to Sephora! 

First thing is the NARS Exhibit A blush ($28), I know you must be like, "that's a crazy color!" I agree. This is my first and only bright blush I owned. Exhibit A is a bright orange, but it goes sheer as long as you don't take too much product. It has a matte finish too! I just realized that I did not own a lot of matte blushes, and I actually like matte blushes so much! Anyway, I haven't tried this out yet, but again will let you know! I hope it looks pretty on my cheeks, otherwise, you need to go back to the store, Exhibit A, heehee. 

Second and the last thing is Boscia Luminizing Black Mask ($34). It is an all natural peel-off mask that will clear your face from dirt and make your pores look smaller. I have been wanting to try this for a long time because I loveeee mask if you do not know yet, and I love it more than exfoliators. I have so many face masks, but I don't have a peel-off one yet. I heard a lot of good reviews about this too. They said you can see the dirt and impurities in the mask after you peel it off, which is pretty cool. I am pretty sure I will see a lot of dirty things on it, haha! Anyway, again I haven't tried this out yet either, I am planning to try it tomorrow night, so that I can start my week with a fresh skin, haha. And of course, I will let you know how it goes! :) 

What is your haul for this week? Have you ever tried any of these products yet? What is your experience with it? Please share with me! I'd love to hear it :) Leave in the comment below, or follow me on Twitter, tweet me, or post on my Facebook wall. 

And also, let me know what post you'd like to see next. I kinda need more inspirations here, haha. 

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I hope you were enjoying your Saturday!!! Talk to you soon! 

Love always, 


  1. I love masks and exfoliators too! I hope you'll do a review on Boscia Luminizing Black Mask pretty soon!

    The color of the NARS blush you got is really pretty.. I heard that corals & orange-y colors are IN this spring & summer!

    What is your haul for this week?
    --- I've ordered several products from but they will arrive next week.. Most of the stuff I ordered are lip products such as lip tints and lip balms haha.. I loooovvvee lip balms!! Have you tried Rosebud Perfume CO Strawberry Lip Balm? I heard lots of amaziiiiing reviews about it and it smells fantastic too!

    Have you ever tried any of these products yet? What is your experience with it?
    --- I haven't tried any of those products yet.. I would love to hear your thoughts & reviews on those!

    1. Wowwww thank you for sharing!!!! Love it!!! Let me know what you got from Sephora once it arrives, k? ;) Yeap, I have tried the NARS blush, it is intense, but love it. just dont take too much of it, like I even barely dab it onto my brush. Hmm I never tried Rosebud Perfume CO Strawberry Lip Balm yet, let me know how well it works, girl! Cuz I loveeee lip balms as much as you do! haha.. <3

    2. Ohh forgot to tell you that YES I am gonna be doing review on Boscia mask soon! Gonna try it on tonight ;)