Friday, March 9, 2012

Review&Demo: Skin79 Super Triple Function BB Cream

Skin79 Super Triple Function BB Cream consists of three functions of BB Cream, which are whitening, wrinkle improvement and UV Protection SPF 25. In terms of whitening and wrinkle improvement, this BB Cream will give you a brighter complexion and a more elastic skin. At the same time, it also protects you from the sun exposure throughout the day.

Its ingredients of sunflower, rice bran and ivy extracts will protect your skin from the harmful conditions. In addition, this BB cream contains formula that is able to moisturize and soothe the skin to achieve a healthy skin.

For the coverage, it says that you can use it as a base of your foundation or just wear it alone. It can also even out your skin tone, and this won't make you oily throughout the day.

Now let me tell you about my experience of using this..

I have mentioned this so many times that I have acne scars and hyperpigmentation around my cheeks. This BB Cream won't cover those up, so I still have to use concealers. However, it is true the fact that it evens out your skin tone. When I apply this on, I can see my skin color is even, it just does not cover my acne scars or darker blemishes. This also does not cover whiteheads either, but as for covering blackheads, it does a great job.

The Skin79 BB Cream only comes in one color. When I apply this on, it is way too light for my skin and it has a grey tinted on it (you'll see in the pictures below). However, the BB Cream will oxidize to match my skin tone (pretty cool, huh?:)). So, as for color match, you do not need to worry about it. Most of Asian BB Creams come in one color or maybe two, and they will oxidize and eventually match your skin tone.

The best thing about this product is it feel light on your skin, no matter how much you put on. I only need a full pump to cover my entire face. The consistency is pretty thick, so if you want to add more coverage, let it sit for a few minutes, then you can add more product, otherwise your face will look cakey. Another good thing about this is long-wearing - it won't move away from your face until you remove it with a makeup remover. Your skin will feel moisturized and healthy while you have this on :)

What I like to when I apply this on is using a flat foundation brush to place the cream, then buff it in with a flat top synthetic brush like Sigma F80. This way will help you to get an even application.

Overall, I like the benefits it gives me, my only issue is just the coverage. I expected I did not need to put on concealers, but I guess I'll have to and I don't mind.

Where to buy: Pretty and Cute website for $21.96 (40g).

This BB Cream was purchased by my own money, Pretty and Cute did not ask me to write a review on this. 

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First step: apply the BB Cream on each part of your face, focus on where you want to have the most coverage, see how the shade is too light for my actual skin tone? 

Second step: with a foundation brush, spread the BB Cream all over your face

Last step: Buff it in with a flat top dense brush like Sigma F80 
This is after one full pump - you still can see my blemishes, but then I went ahead to apply concealer and powder. 

Now the BB Cream have oxidized and matched my skin tone as you can see in the picture above :) 


  1. Great review! You are so pretty <3

  2. I feel your pain with the acne scars! Product works amazing for me as well! :D

    1. thank you so much love! yeah I have been struggling with acne scars for so long! and I am now trying out different products, and will do the review if they work:)

  3. I love your review! Skin79 Super Triple Function BB Cream is my favorite BB Cream! And I always purchase mine from Pretty&Cute as well :)

    I also have acne scars on my cheeks... T___T Do you have any recommendations for a good concealer? ... I'm looking to try out a new one...

    1. Hi Cyndy! Yeap I love Skin79 too, have u tried Lioele Triple Solutions BB Cream? I think I am gonna do a comparison between Skin79 and Lioele since both of them are so popular! :) My acne scars are also on my cheeks. Have you tried Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer? It is thick and covers scars pretty well.. I heard it even can cover tattoo! Basically try to find a really thick concealer, or use cream foundation rather than liquid, because cream has more coverage :) hope this helps! let me know if u have more questions :)

    2. Hello Alexandra :)

      Thanks for your advice... I'm gonna check Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer... I'm only using SheerCover Concealer from MyGlam's January bag...

      I haven't tried Lioele Triple Solutions BB Cream yet.. I do have a sample of it though.. I have an acne prone skin and it tends to get a lil oily on top of that.. I'm a little worried if it's gonna be as nice as Skin79... Ive heard lots of great reviews about it though.. I would love to read your comparison between the two! :)

  4. What concealer do you use? I'd really like to know! ^-^