Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My March Glam Bag

This time my March Glam Bag came early! And that was very exciting. However, the products were not too exciting. It contained more skin care products (again...). I joined MyGlam because it earlier said they would mix and match skin care samples and travel-sized makeup products every month. Well I joined MyGlam since January, and January Glam Bag was nice because they really did mix the products evenly between skin, makeup and hair products (click here to check out January Glam Bag), February bag was not so good because it had more skin care products and one makeup product (click here for February Glam Bag). This month contains mostly skin, hair and lip products.. Well they added up an eye blending brush, which was nice and my favorite thing in this bag. Otherwise, I am not gonna be very pleased by this month bag. 

Sorry for the rambling!! Let's see what's inside the bag! :) 

So, this is how the bag looks like. The theme for this month is all about "byebye winter, hello spring" (that's how I called it). Our skin tend to get drier, and the products of the month were picked to restore our skin and hair, just to get ready for the spring!
First thing first is a sample sized moisturizer and a lip conditioner from Pur-Lisse. I never heard of this brand before,  but the moisturizer sounds like it is a good product. It has SPF 30 which is great for sun protection, Vitamin E and Soy Proteins which will make the skin softer and White Tea which calms sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and I love SPF products (because I hate wearing sunscreen), so I am totally gonna try this out.

The lip conditioner will get rid of your dry, chapped and cracked lips and it will also make your lips soft. Well, guess what... it did not work for me. That night I had a really bad chapped and cracked lips, so I put this on and it honestly did not do anything. My lip stayed dry and chappy. As you can see the picture below, the texture of it is really liquidy and runny, so it is not thick like a lip balm, it is more like water. So I feel my lip does not absorb it well. 

Next is a travel sized Murad Hybrids Eye Lift Perfector. No description about this one, but I researched it and it is apparently like an eye concealer that is naturally tinted and conceals dark circles and covers wrinkles and fine lines to get a youthful look. Haven't tried this out yet, but will do soon! 

Next one is a $25 gift card for Dermstore. I am so happy with this because I LOVE GIFT CARDS! haha. 

Next one is my favorite thing! It is MyGlam Exclusive Classic Crease Brush and Case. The brush bristle is pretty soft and fluffy, so it is not only good for crease application, but also for blending the shadow! The handle is pink and has myglam on it. The case is a hot pink faux leather, which is really pretty and does not feel cheap or crappy. So I am really pleased. The case has magnet on it for closing, but the magnet does not really work anymore now :( 
Last thing is a leave-in treatment for color enhancing from Keratin. I believe it is just like a leave-in conditioner that is supposed to add volume, luminosity and vibrancy to hair color treated. It also enhances the color as well as protects, strengthens and hydrates our hair. I though I was not gonna be using this, BUT if you followed me on Twitter or Facebook, I just announced to you all that I dyed my hair!! This is the first time doing it, and don't worry, I am gonna blog about it soon! :)

So, that's all I got for this month bag. Again, I hope they will include more makeup products in the future!

Do you prefer skin care samples or makeup samples? Leave in the comment below! And don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook ;) I'd love to get to know you all. 


Love ya, 


  1. If you prefer makeup than skincare, check out have similar concept, the original I must say, with brand name products, not drugstore brands. This month I got essie polish, shisheido blotting papers, tarte lipsurgence, and other things. =)

    1. Thank you for the suggestion love! I have been considering Birchbox, but we'll see! ;)