Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

I do not why these days I am so obsessed with highlighting my face. I have been trying a lot of highlighters recently, so looking forward to more reviews! :) Anyway, today I am going to review the most famous highlighter product from theBalm called Mary-Lou Manizer. And plus, everyone raves about this!

At first I was really in doubt to purchase it because I was afraid this powder highlighter is just every highlighter that I already had. I was questioning whether to buy it for like three months! So, I was at Beauty Brands last week, and decided to try it out, and I can always return it if I don't like it.

Well, I ended up liking it.

I have mentioned this for multiple times, but my skin gets so dry in the winter, so my make up honestly looks so matte and flat. By adding a highlighter, it would make my face look more dewy, glowy and basically my face will look so much healthier.

So, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer is a compact powder highlighter with a champagne hued that can highlight your features such as above your cheekbones, nose's bridge, under browbone, cupid's bow, forehead, inner corner of your eyes, and chin. In addition, this highligher/luminizer is pigmented enough to also be used as your eyeshadows on your lid. It has a subtle glow and sheen finish that will diffuse light to your skin, so your skin will look softer and younger.

The texture of it is really smooth as well, and it is easy to blend and the color is buildable. In other words, if you pack too much products, you can always blend it with a fluffy brush to get an even complexion, or if you feel one sweep is not enough to give you a glowy sheen, you can add more products without making it look cakey. Most importantly, this product is paraben free, talc free, and non-comedogenic - means it is safe for your skin! :)

What I like to do with this is to sweep it on my cheekbones to give an effect of a higher cheekbones, then on the bridge on my nose to make my nose looks slimmer and straight, and on my cupid's bow to get a fuller lip effect (you'll see how I do it steps by steps on the pictures below).

Overall, I really like this highlighter. It really gives me a subtle glow, natural sheen on my cheek. Also, it gives me more definition on my face, so that my face won't look too flat, especially when the lights or the sun hits my face, it luminizes my cheeks!

Where to buy:,, Sephora counters, Beauty, Beauty Brands stores, $24 for 0.3oz.

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  1. Would you still recommend this for oily skin? Or would it make me look like a greaseball?

    1. Are you oily in the cheeks area?? Well the shimmer and sheen are very settled, so it won't make you like a greaseball, haha. I have oily skin too, but I tend to get oiliest at the T-zone area, but by the end of the day, my cheeks get oily too, and this highlighter works really well. Just to be safe, bring blotting papers everywhere, so you can get rid of oily face whenever you want! :)