Tuesday, February 28, 2012

$1 Sweaters (Best Investment! LOL)

Hi loves!! I just want to share a quick post for you all. I went to Walmart yesterday, and saw Valentine's themed sweaters for sale for only $1!! The sweaters are from Hanes. I looovvee comfy and oversized sweaters. I wear it at home, for sleeping, even for doing errands out! Winter is not my favorite season, but I love when I get a chance to wear an oversized sweater.

All the sweaters on sale were all in size Large and X-Large. I bought two of the large ones. Even though the large size is too big for me, actually it almost fits me perfectly (as you can see in the picture, not bad right?).

I got a white and a hot pink one, and the quotes that are in the sweaters are just too cute!!

I am pretty sure they are still on sale right now, so if you like an oversized, comfy sweaters, I think you should get one too! Only for $1!

By the way, do you like this kind of random post? If you like it, I'll keep including it on my blog! It is just basically about what's going on my daily life. If I have something interesting to show you or to say to you (that is not beauty related), I'll post it up in this 'Daily Life' category. Let me know what you think in the comment below! or you can tweet me, 'wall' me too!! :)

Chillin' with my comfy sweaters, 
Alexandra <3

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no makeup on! just got off from shower haha! 


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    1. yayyy glad you like it girl! I am gonna do more random posts then :)