Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's in My Makeup Bag

Hey beautiful people! Today I thought it is gonna be a fun post showing you what's in my makeup bag. I owned this makeup bag for over two years now, it is from MAC and I bought it at a pro MAC store. I never changed my makeup bag because I love it so much! Even though it looks small, but it fills up a lot of stuffs. I also rarely changed all the beauty essentials inside. So, in this post, not only I want to show you what's inside my makeup bag, but I will also guide you what and why they are important. Lets get started!

All the stuffs I have in that tiny bag! :) 

Again, this is my makeup bag from MAC (I know it looks kinda dusty, haha). But you can use any kinds of bag! Now you can find it anywhere. Target has a lot of cute ones ;)

Now lets take a look what's inside! 

Q-tips or cotton swab is a must! you can smudge your eyeliner out to create a smoky eye effect with it, you can also remove any fall out from mascara.

Eye brush set (travel size)
might not be necessary for some people, but you'll never know when your eyeshadows are creasing. So I also have a small eyeshadow quad in neutral colors (which will be listed below), and these brushes help me to touch up my eye look. I got my brushes from ECO TOOLS.

A small face brush
is to re-apply powder or blush when the color is fading. Mine is MAC 129SH. Oh let me mention that if you have oily face, don't forget to add blotting paper. 

For all the contact lens wearers, a solution is a must! I hate when my contact lenses get really dry, it just ruins my entire mood. So, I just take off my lens, clean it up with the solution, put it back, and I feel fresh again!

You know how your liner usually won't stay long on your waterline? With an eyeliner, you can touch it up, and also you can apply it on your upper or lower lashline, then smudge it out with a pencil brush. Mine is from Stila Convertible Eye Color in Onyx.

A neutral eyeshadow quad can also be very helpful. You don't have to have a quad, a single neutral color works well too. The reason is because these neutral colors would fit on any eye makeup you have on that day for a touch up, or for a quick makeup look. Mine is from Maybelline Stylish Smokes in Natural Smokes.

When your mascara is running out, eyeliner is smudging out, and you basically look like you have panda eyes, eye makeup remover comes in handy. Use your Q-tip, dip it in, then remove those fall outs. I could not find a super tiny size of an eye makeup remover, so I just transferred some of it into a travel size bottle. 

A compact mirror is girls' best friend. You gotta have it on your makeup bag. Mine is from Sephora, it is a lighted mirror, but the lights broke, so I just used it without the lights.

If you have oily skin, pressed powder is a must for you to have in your bag. During winter, my skin gets so dry and I do not need to touch up my makeup, but during summer, I have to do it because my skin gets oily. Again, don't forget your blotting papers too! I always have it in my bag in the summer. I got my pressed powder from Cover FX Matte FX Oil Absorbing Powder in Light. 

4. LIPS 
For lips, the most important thing is a lipbalm, then you can add your favorite lipstick, or a lipgloss (if necessary). My favorite lip balm is from Burt's Bees Honey lip balm, lipsticks are Maybelline lipstick in Pink Please and MAC Creme de Nude, and for lipgloss I just picked random one and this one has been inside my bag for a long time. It is MAC Lipglass in Cruise Control 

This part is optional, but I think a hand sanitizer is really important, especially when you are about to touch up your makeup, you should sanitize your hands first! You do not want the bacteria on your hands transfer to your face because that is how acne/pimples appear. 

Put everything in, and you can just throw it on your purse or school bag. I honestly do not use purse that much, so I keep my makeup bag in my car, LOL. Does anyone do the same thing too?

One last thing I want to mention is you do not need to have these many stuffs on your makeup bag - you can have it more or less, it is up to you! I do not want to limit on what you have to have or what you don't need. Organize your makeup bag with all the stuffs that you think you'll need them, and you think it is very important. So again, be creative and I'll talk to you soon! 

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