Monday, February 13, 2012

COVERGIRL Blast FlipStick Review, Photos, Swatches (Stunner and Whisper)

Recently COVERGIRL just launched a new lipstick line called Blast FlipStick. Basically it is a two-sided lipstick, with one end is a matte/creme lip color and the opposite end is like a complimentary shimmer lip color that can be worn on top of lipstick or alone. I love its concept because it will allow you to mix colors and create different looks on your lips with just one tube, and of course will also give you more advantages out of your money! :)

The COVERGIRL Blast FlipStick came with 13 different shades: Cheeky, Snap, Flashy, Tease, Glimmer, Vixen, Intense, Stunner, Smooch, Pucker, Whisper, Perky and Minx. It is a lot of shades to try, but I surely do not want to buy them all at a time, that's just not my thing. What I like to do is to buy one or two shades first, then if I liked it, I'd buy more. So, this time I only got two shades, which are Stunner and Whisper.

Stunner is a red with orange tone on one side, and the other side is shimmer orange-gold with metallic finish. While Whisper is a pink with purple base with creamy finish, and the other side is almost the same color, but just a little bit darker, which is a pink but more purple hint in it and shimmery. Well, let me tell you, I thought these two would be like neutral colors, I was wrong! I think these two are more on the dramatic range.

As goes to the pigmentation, it is brilliant! Both the creme and shimmer ends have pretty intense colors with just one swipe, and the texture is also really creamy and blendable. They glide on smoothly and give you a pretty glossy shine to your lips. However, it has a pretty strong lipstick's smell, if you know what I mean. It is like plastic-y smell, not chemical-y smell though. So, if you are really sensitive to fragrance and taste, this one maybe is not for you. But the trick is you can apply your favorite lip balm flavors on top of it, and hopefully this trick will get rid of the actual taste of the FlipStick.

For the packaging, I love how COVERGIRL put dual ended clear caps, so it is really convenient to choose colors at the store. You know how you usually cannot see the actual colors on lipstick at the drugstores' cosmetic stands? They just provide you with printable swatches and names? How annoying is that?! (Comment below if you feel the same thing as me LOL ;p) So anyway, I like this clear caps packaging because it allows you to see the actual colors. In addition, the colors of the packaging also represent the lipstick color itself, which is a very smart idea. Good job, COVERGIRL!

Overall, COVERGIRL Blast FlipStick gives you an amazing pigmentation as my lip is pretty pigmented, and it is also a great value giving you two different lipstick shades in one package. The formula is glides on smoothly and gives your lips shine, just the fragrance of it is not appealing, but make sure you put on lip balm first for best result. The packaging is really convenient and sleek. Would I re-purchase this? Yes, I will, definitely looking forward to buying the neutral shades.

You can find this at any drugstores or Ulta, I bought mine at Target for $7.99.

Let me hear from you. Would you purchase this? Leaving them or loving them? 





  1. I love that shade of pink! So fresh and feminine.

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

    1. Agree! I like to pair it with nude lipstick, it gives you the perfect nude look :)

  2. what mascara do you use? your lashes are amazinggg ♥

    1. thank you girl! I am using COVERGIRL Lash Blast, the one in orange tube. That's my favorite mascara of all time :)