Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fun Affordable Way to Store Makeup Brushes

Hi everyone! Today I am going to show you on how I store my makeup brushes using all things that you can get in any craft stores or craft section at grocery stores. This is how I keep all my makeup brushes on my vanity, and I am pretty sure lots of people have the same idea as mine :)

It is really easy and affordable. All you need is a container - cute one, pretty one, generic one, you name it! and beads - craft beads, aquarium beads, glass beads, plastic beads, etc. The container is to store the brushes, and the beads is to hold on to the brushes so that they will stand.

This way is so easy, quick, simple and cute! Seriously you can do this in less than one minute. Also, it can help you to decorate your room or your vanity! Ok, lets get started!

Beads and containers for holding brushes. I like to use big container for face brushes and small container for eye brushes

Pour the beads into half of the container

Then just stand your brushes inside! :)

Do the exact same thing for the second container

DONE!! :)
SERIOUSLY HOW EASY IS THAT??? You know I have lots of brushes, and in total I have six containers of brushes. I use different colors of beads and containers, and it really makes my vanity more 'alive.' ;) 

I hope you like this method! Let me know if you are gonna do it. You can leave a comment below, tweet me and post on my wall on my Facebook

love you, 

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