Saturday, February 4, 2012

Review: Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo (Photos and Swatches)

Hey loves! 

I tweeted this morning that I was going to be testing out the Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoos. Of course I would not be able to do a 24 hr test just because I really do not want to sleep with eye make-up on. However, I did a 13 1/2 hours test! I had pictures to prove to you all ;) 

First thing first, this collection came with ten vibrant shades, and I got six of them. If you love MAC Paint Pots, you are going to love this too. The idea of this collection is similar to MAC Paint Pots, it is a cream-gel eyeshadow that is supposed to create an intense color and to have a 24-hour long lasting hold without creasing or fading. The six shades that I got are: 

Too Cool - a bright frosty metallic white. I like this as a base because it can create a high intensity on your eyeshadow. 

Tough as Taupe - a taupe grey color with cool undertones. This is actually my favorite - perfect to wear it alone or as a base for smoky eyes. 

Fierce & Tangy - a bright tangerine orange with a satin finish, barely no shimmer. This is a spring must-have product! 

Bold Gold - a bright gold with shimmer. This is also perfect to use it alone or as a base. I think it is going to be so pretty just to use it alone on the eye lids. 

Bad to the Bronze - a brown bronze with metallic and satin finish. I think this is the most neutral color of all the shades. 

Audacious Asphalt - a dark grey with shimmer and metallic finish. This is also great for smoky eyes. 

This morning, I tested two shades, which are Tough As Taupe and Too Cool. At first, I was very hesitant to not to wear an eye primer before I applied them, but I really wanted to know whether the products could last without creasing or fading. I started out at 9:30 am and ended up at 11 pm. 

This was at 9:30 am. I used Tough as Taupe on my lid and lower lashline, and Too Cool on my inner tear duct. 

This was at 11 pm. No budging, no creasing, no fading! :)
I am very pleased for these products because it really does what the box says. Even though I did not test it for 24 hours, but I believe it won't crease or fade out until you take it off with make-up remover. I am not sure if this is waterproof, but it can be taken off easily with make-up remover wipes.

Another reason why I like it because it is multi-functional. You can use it as your eye primers or as a color base, your eyeshadows alone, or as an eye liner. It is really creamy and gel-like formula, so you can line your upper lashline with a small liner brush. How cool?! :)

I got mine at CVS and Ulta for $6.99. I also got them at Walmart for $5.89 (yes I made three trips for these!). You can buy these at any drugstores: Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. The packaging is very sturdy in a heavy glass jar with a screw-on black lid. The glass jar is similar to MAC Paint Pots, but the lid is different. The lid is just made by plastic. What I do not like about this product is they put their name on the lid with a small font and same color with other texts. I always have difficulty when I am trying to find its name. However, this is not a big deal, but I wish they can put name of each shade on its jar.

Overall, LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Seven bucks and you get a really good quality, high-pigmented cream eyeshadows. My favorite shades are Tough as Taupe, Too Cool, and Fierce and Tangy. I feel the less shimmery ones perform the best. ;) 

Fierce & Tangy

Bad to the Bronze

Tough as Taupe

Bold Gold

Too Cool

Audacious Asphalt 

I really apologize this is a long post! I hope you enjoy it! What do you think of this Maybelline line? Love it or leave it? :) Leave in the comment below! 


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