Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MyGlam Bag: February

It is the month of February means another MyGlam bag! (see my January MyGlam bag here). The theme of this month's bag is Valentine's Day, where the products are to pretty up and perfect yourself for a special evening look. Well, I received my Glam Bag last week, so it was kinda too late to get ready for Valentine's Day, haha. But of course these products are not only for prior to Valentine's Day, right girls?? :) 

So this is what the bag looks like. It is really pretty hot pink,  and it feels soft as silk. 

First thing I got is Ghirardelli Chocolate (I am eating it I think it is pretty cute of them to surprise me with chocolate in honor of Valentine's Day. My favorite (of course) is milk chocolate, I don't like dark chocolate although it is good for my health :(

Next thing I got is X Out Shine Control, which is an oil-free moisturizer that helps to eliminate shine with a mattifying formula. This product is best for oily skin and has problem with acne. For now, my skin is so dry, and my skin problem is acne scarring, but I do have a few of active acne. So, I might give it a try in the summer because my skin tends to get oily. Just so you know, X out products are made by Proactiv. 

Look at the girl's false eyelashes! Her false eyelashes are on her crease. It is weird, yet unique! :)
The third thing I got is a brand new line of NYX Cosmetics called Roll On Shimmer. Basically it is an intense shimmering powder that you can roll onto your eyes, face and body. The color I got is Sea Foam, which is a teal bright. I think this idea is pretty interesting idea. Because of the roll applicator, it is really easy to apply on whenever you want to have shimmer. It dries really quick, and easy to remove just with makeup wipes. What do you think of this product?

Last month I got a full size of Freeman Cucumber Mask, and as you can see, I got another Freeman mask in Goji Berry. This mask helps to hydrate your skin, restore healthy skin tone and improve moisture retention. It will give your skin hydration as well as soften and soothe it. All you do is apply the mask onto your face and neck for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. I am so excited to try this out! 

The next product is a mask (again?!) and cream from Dead Sea Premier. The Instant Stretching and Revitalizing Mask contains minerals from the dead sea waters that allows the skin to revive itself resulting in fresh, younger looking skin. The Biox Anti-Aging Complex Intensive Age Treatment Cream is to reduce wrinkles, prevent skin sagging, and add tone and elasticity. I do not know about the cream because I do not have wrinkles (yet), but I will definitely try the mask.

Last but not least is a $100 Gift Certificate from NuMe Professional Styling Tools and Hair Extensions. NuMe products are really expensive and $100 gift certificate will be very useful, haha. I never try this brand before, so I might use the gift certificate to purchase its product, but probably not so soon though. I will totally let you know what I'd get from NuMe :)

Overall, not too excited about this month's bag. It contains more skin products than cosmetics. As a beauty addict, I personally prefer cosmetics more. We'll see what March's bag is going to be! :) 

Much Love, 


  1. Will you do a review on the NYX roll on shimmer? :)

    1. if you request it, I'll definitely do it girl :)

  2. Love your blog!! I posted my review on The Look Bag monthly bag a few days ago! So far it seems better than My Glam so if you're interested in monthly subscriptions you should check that one out!


    1. Hey love! I've checked your blog out. It is very interesting, love it!! Thanks for visiting my blog! <3