Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sigma Brushes featuring my brush collection!

Collecting make-up brushes was my favorite thing to do, especially on MAC brushes. I saved a lot of money to buy all the MAC brushes because they are freaking expensive! Well, in the middle of collecting it, I gave up because I finally realized there are brushes out there that either have the same quality as MAC's or even better quality and the cost is cheaper. So, why not stop spending money on MAC brushes when I can get the same quality brushes with cheaper price?

If you have been following my blog, you'll see I rarely use my MAC brushes, I use Sigma brushes most of the time. Sigma has the same quality as MAC's and the great thing is it won't rip off your wallet! Also, you can buy it in set, where MAC's you have to buy it in single.

I knew Sigma probably since it just started its business. I directly bought the professional kit that comes with a brush roll. Since then, I can't stop using them. The brush hair is so soft, whereas the barrels are so strong. I bought this kit since 2009, and they are still doing okay now. Sometimes the brush hair will shed probably because it is too old, but this happens rarely.

Now, Sigma cosmetics is getting bigger and bigger, they have more brushes collection, eye make-up, skin care tools, compact mirrors, make-up bags and many more! When I first knew Sigma, it only had the black handle brushes, but now it has more pretty colors like teal, pink, brown, and even gold! Every time I look at it, I feel like buying it (especially the pink one from Make Me Blush collection). But my inner side said that I do not need them because I have had them and they have not broken yet. So, I will hold on to that for later!

Overall, I am very satisfied with Sigma brushes. Anyway, this post is not sponsored at all. I wrote this just because I want to share that inventing a good quality make-up brushes is the right thing to do because without the right tools, your make-up won't have a good result either. However, good brushes do not mean expensive brushes, you can save the money for something else you need.

If you want me to do a more in-depth review on Sigma brushes, please let me know in the comment below! Because I can keep going on and on about it and I do not wanna make this post so long. Also, don't forget to visit Sigma site to see how cute their products are!

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Sigma face brushes 

Sigma eye brushes and one lip brushes ;) 

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