Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 (Photos and Swatches)

I have heard a lot of good reviews about the latest foundation from Tarte called Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15. As a beauty addict, of course I have to try it out, especially the words "full coverage" attracts me the most.

Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 is like a foundation broad spectrum sunscreen (which I love!) SPF 15 to protect you from the sun damage. It is also described as a weightless foundation with an airbrushed finish, and works for all skin types because this foundation will adjust to your skin concerns. So, if you have large pores, this foundation will reduce the appearance of the pores. It will also help you minimize any imperfections and discolorations and to give you a flawless skin finish.

My major skin problem is I have acne scars on both of my cheeks. According to my experience, this foundation won't cover them fully, I still need to cover it with concealers. Many people say the Tarte Bamboo Foundation Brush makes all the difference in the application. The brush itself is really expensive ($32), but I am willing to try it out. This brush is always sold out whenever I went to my tarte counters, which are located at Ulta and Sephora. I went there almost every week, but they never have one in stock. It feels like I can never get the brush on my hand!

However, it does stay on my face for a very long time, and gives me an even skin tone. So for those of you who have hyperpigmentation, this  foundation is great for you. Also, the coverage is easy to build and to blend, so you can adjust however much coverage you need. Especially if you already have a perfect skin or just a few of imperfections, this foundation will enhance your natural skin.

Another reason why I went ahead and bought this foundation is because its natural ingredients:

  • Amazonian Clay helps to balance your skin
  • Mineral pigments helps to soothe and smooth your skin 
  • Vitamin E protects your skin from free radical damage 
  • Pure water moisturizes your skin
More importantly, this foundation does NOT contain paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, phthaletes, and it is cruelty free! :) 

This foundation comes in a slick matte tube with a bamboo lid. I like the packaging so that you can just squeeze however much you want without touching the rest of the liquid. It protects from the bacteria growing inside. 

Overall, I like this foundation and will repurchase it in the future. It gives me a lot of benefits for my skin, so that my skin still works best when I have make-up on. Most importantly, this foundation does not make me break out at all, it gives me a long lasting hold and does not make my skin oily during the day. The downside of it is it does not cover my acne scars/red spots too well, but hopefully the bamboo brush will help (if I can get it, lol!). Oh by the way, just for reference, I am in the color Light. If you have a fair skin tone with yellow undertone, you might in the same color as mine ;)

Where to buy:,,, Sephora stores, Ulta stores, $38 for 1.7oz.

What do you think? Love it or leave it? Leave in the comment below! :) 

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  1. i judt posted on the tarte facebook page that i was thinking of buying this lol and thne i scrolled down and saw this review. I liked alot of things you had to say about the foundation but the part where you said it didnt cover your acne scars got me a little worried...although i do not have nay acne scars or very nocitable discolorations on my skin, it does make me wonder about how well does it cover. My skin also tends to get oily through out? BTW you should def. buy the brush onlike at or at qvc.

    1. Hey Maria! Thanks for the comment! I have so many red marks on my cheeks resulted from my past acne. I thought this foundation would cover those instantly too, but apparently not :( If you do not have acne scars, or discolorations, I am positive this will work wonder for your skin. Did you buy the brush as well? Does it really make a huge difference?

      Thanks for visiting my blog girl! :)

  2. is the foundation matte?