Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shop MAC 'Call Me Bubbles' Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

I always love MAC eyeshadow quads, and that usually what I end up buying from every collection. The reason why I like the quads is because they design all the four colors to be appropriate when it is applied together, or even alone. So, Shop MAC comes with three eyeshadow quads: Call Me Bubbles, Shop&Drop, and Colour Added. In a brief, Shop&Drop is a violet inspired quad, so it contains purple shades and a dark navy blue, while Colour Added is in a more spring colors like teal and yellow. I only picked Call Me Bubbles because this one attracts me the most, and I never had a quad like this before. It includes fresh spring colors such as pink, orange and coppers. I cannot wait to make a tutorial for you using this quad! Join this blog (by clicking 'join this site' on the left side bar), follow me on Twitter, and like my Facebook page so that you'll know when a new post is up! :)

Call Me Bubbles eyeshadow quad consists of four beautiful eyeshadows: Call Me Bubbles (light tan), Fresh Daily (orange), Full of Flavour (coral), Brash (frosty reddish copper).

  • Call Me Bubbles is a very light beige shimmery shade with satin finish, and it matches my skin tone perfectly. So when I swatched it, the color does not come through. So, it is impossible for me to use this as lid colors, I will only use this as a highlight under my brow bone. 
  • Fresh Daily is a simply bright orange with a frosty finish. This color is pretty bright, and yet so pretty. It is similar to MAC Rule, but it is lighter and MAC Rule has a matte finish.
  • Full of Falvour is a coral pink color with a matte finish. I love matte eyeshadows and I don't think I own a pink matte before. This shade is more to pink with a hint of orange, thus makes it a pretty pink coral. This color is so appropriate for the spring. 
  • Brash is metallic reddish copper with a veluxe pearl finish. I think this one has the most color payoff of all three shades of the quad. The texture is really soft and smooth. 
Even though this quad is quite colorful, it is also the warmest out of three. You can definitely play around with these colors creating from neutral look to dramatic colorful look. The textures are really smooth and the color payoffs are good. I only wish that the Call Me Bubbles eyeshadow can be more pigmented. 

You can buy this at MAC counter, MAC stores, or MAC website. $38

Which of the quads is your favorite? Do you love this quad or hate it? Let me know in the comment below! :) 


Left to right: Brash, Full of Flavour, Fresh Daily, Call Me Bubbles 


  1. i don't like this quad much. well, at least i am very bad at creating some nice look with these colors. would be nice to see your look created with this quad :)

    1. Yeah these colors are pretty challenging, but I am gonna make a tutorial soon with this quad, don't worry girl :) thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. Hi, I would also like to see a look with this quad. Just discovered your blog, pretty makeup looks you do :-)

    1. Hi there!! I did a makeup tutorial with this quad, here is the link thank you for visiting my blog!! :)