Thursday, February 9, 2012

Top 5 Eye Makeup Brushes Must-Haves! (Feat. MAC brushes)

I thought this post is going to be helpful for those of you who just started your make-up collection. Sometimes it is true that a good make-up result comes from good quality brushes. However, high-end brand or expensive brushes do not mean they have the best quality. Low-end or cheaper brushes can do the same thing as the high-end ones (click here to see my favorite brand of brushes).

Alright back to the topic. As the title says, I am going to show you what eye brushes you must have on your collection. So if you are planning to buy eye brushes, this post will guide you on that. I am very positive that if you have these five brushes, you'll have no worry about your eye look. Your make-up will look stunning! :)

1. Flat Eye Shader Brush (MAC 239 or Sigma E55)

This flat shader brush will pack pressed or loose eyeshadow or even pigments really well onto your eye lid. It also can be used to build an intense color on your lid. The rounded edge of this brush really helps you to tell where your eye lid stops or where your eye crease is.

2. Tapered Blending Brush for eye crease (MAC 222 [discontinued] or Sigma E35)

This is my favorite crease brush! Its tapered tip is really ideal to apply color onto your crease. You can just put the tip on your crease, then apply your eyeshadow with windshield circular motion, then just let the brush do the work for you. Even better, this brush also can be used to blend color and to soften any harsh line.

3. Tapered Blending Brush for blending color (MAC 224 or Sigma E40)

Even though this brush looks the same as MAC 222 or Sigma E35, but it has different tasks. This brush is fluffier and a little bit larger than MAC 222 or Sigma E35. This brush works really well to blend the color on your crease so that there is no harsh line. Even though MAC 222 or Sigma E35 is also to blend colors, I like to have two different kinds of blending brush; One is to apply colors on your crease, while the other one is just to blend the colors on your crease. So you do not put any shadows or colors onto the second blending brush because it is just to blend the harsh line. I hope this makes sense! MAC 224 or Sigma E40 also can be used to highlight on certain areas such as your brow bone, cheekbone, bridge of your nose, and cupid bow. How cool?

4. Pencil Brush (MAC 219 or Sigma E30)

This little baby here can do everything! A pencil brush can help you apply colors more precise on lid, crease, and along lash line. I love to use this brush to pack colors on my inner tear duct, lower lash line, and outer V of my outer corner. Most importantly, this brush can smudge your eyeliner into eyeshadow to create a smoky looking eye.

5. Angle Brush (MAC 263 or Sigma E65)

Having synthetic bristles, an angle brush is best for applying cream or gel liner onto your upper or lower lash line and waterline. This can help you to create a perfect winged eyeliner or a cat eye look as well. Angle brush is also perfect for filling out the eyebrows.

So, that's all you need for eye brushes collection! If you see my tutorials, I always use these five brushes most of the time. I rarely use fancy brushes. However, this post does not limit you on kinds of brushes you want to have. Of course you are free to get any kinds of eye brushes. I just want to help by guiding you on what essentials and what not so that you won't end up spending hundred of dollars on eye brushes only! :)

Let me know if you have any questions! You can ask me on Twitter, or post on my wall on my Facebook. Feel free leave in the comment below as well! I love reading your comments/tweets! :)



  1. do you have any other alternative for mac 222? 217 maybe? thanks

    1. Yes, 217 will be a great dupe, but 224 is similar too. Sigma E35 is the exact same as MAC 222 :) hope this helps!:)

  2. hi, do you have any tips how to clean my makeup brushes? any tutorial maybe? thanks

    1. Yes I do have and I do plan to do a tutorial on it really soon! :) Don't forget to follow my Twitter, friend me on Facebook, and join this site, so you'll know when the tutorial is up :) Thanks for visiting my blog!! :)